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My Daily Skin Care Routine.

A good couple of months ago I treated myself to a little Body Shop skin care haul, which I was completely planning on blogging about, but university life got in the way and I completely forgot. Since then, I have been using these products pretty religiously and my skin has never looked clearer. So, I thought I would throw together my daily skin care routine. Personally I love reading about what people use in their daily routine, as it gives me ideas on what to start using myself.


The first thing I do in the morning after rolling out of bed is to run into the shower. Now some people say that you should never was your face in the shower. the waters to hot for your skin right? To be honest I’m not too worried about that. The water in our shower is not that warm no matter how hot I turn it up. Anyway, so I wash my face in the shower with The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Cleanser. About once or twice a week, I use an exfoliation glove to give my face a deeper cleanse. My face always feels super soft after the wash, honestly my face loves this tea tree stuff. I used to exfoliate my skin pretty much everyday, but it made my skin so oily. Since I’ve stopped its so much better.IMG_3983Once I pop out of the shower I tend to put on a bit of moisturizer and that’s it. I know I should probably use toner or some serum or other fancy stuff, but honestly I’m usually in a huge rush so washing my face is tends to be the extent of my morning routine.


My evening routine is a little bit more profound. Or at least I like to think it is. I start off by brushing my hair and tying it up onto of my head, before I uses The Body Shop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser to wash my face. I use a normal muslin cloth to wash the foam off  before patting my face dry. I must admit, I rarely actually pat it dry. I know everyone says you should, but I usually just face-plant a towel and rub my skin dry. I know its bad and I’m trying to stop – but I’m being honest so there you go. If my skin is feeling particularly good, I just use warm/hot water on the towel rather than using a cleanser at all.IMG_3988My next port of call is The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Mask. I only uses this maybe 5/7 nights a week and I use it more as a precautionary technique against spots. Since I’ve been using it, all those annoying embedded white heads that seemed to live in my chin that where too deep to get out, has literally disappeared. I’m really impressed with this range, as you can probably tell. I’ve never had ridiculously acne prone skin. Just the odd hormonal spot here and there. But this range totally stops them all in their tracks. IMG_3984I then use the No7 Night moisturizer once the mask has soaked in. I went through this phase where I loved the No7 range, but recently I’ve only felt disappointed with the results in comparison to The Body Shop. Plus The Body Shop is far more ethical and no more expensive really. I say this, but the moisturizer is good enough and works well on my skin at night.IMG_3985After the moisturizer I use the Blistex Intensive moisturizer lip care and that pretty much me done. I like to keep my skin care nice and simple. Ever since I was a kid I always found that my skin works best with less product. And the more natural the better, hence why I like the Body Shop range. It works for my skin and me.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your favourite products down below! I’m always looking to try new things.



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