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Second Year So Far

It's been about a month since I started University and in all honesty I have found it a harder than first year. Although last year I struggled with home-sickness, this year there just seems to be a lot going on all at once. I have three group projects going on in which one of them… Continue reading Second Year So Far

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A step towards my future.

As you may or may not know, I am currently studying Classical Civilisations and Literature at university. A lot of people go into university with no clue of where they want to end up in their life. I was one of these people. I was aware that many jobs out there give a leg up… Continue reading A step towards my future.

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Remembering Freshers week 2016

So Freshers week 2017 is coming up and I can't help but remember my own Freshers week last year. I've got to admit, I was so nervous, but I really shouldn't have been. Freshers week was one of the best university experiences for me. Its when I met most of my friends and got into… Continue reading Remembering Freshers week 2016

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Moving In Day Tips.

Moving in day is just around the corner, and I remember when I was moving in to University, I was terrified. I was really nervous about the whole process and there was next to nothing about the actual process online. Hopefully this post will do the one thing we really needed, but never got. There… Continue reading Moving In Day Tips.

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Getting the most out of Freshers.

Congratulations for getting into university! The results have recently come out and everyone did so well! We hope you've gotten into the university that you wanted, but now you must be getting excited. And maybe a little nervous? Theres nothing to be nervous about. University is the best experience, and yes, the first few weeks… Continue reading Getting the most out of Freshers.

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Big Changes.

This summer, both Jenny and myself, have experienced some exponential changes. Since getting back from my first year at University, my home life has morphed into something very different to what it was before, and the changes I saw erupting around me scared me a little. So I have decided to share them on here,… Continue reading Big Changes.

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10 Misconceptions about University

University is often renowned for the student lifestyle. The Devil-may-care attitude. The parties. And above all the drinking. From my own experiences, there are so many stereotypes about university and students that you hear everyday, very few of which are completely true. Though it should be remembered that everyones experiences are completely different, here is… Continue reading 10 Misconceptions about University

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University: Is it for me?

One of the most difficult times of your teenage existence occurs when you are 17/18 years old, in the last year of school. A-Level year is hard enough as it is, with stress being paramount, but the hardest decisions I had to make during my own A-levels solely focused around university. Did I really want… Continue reading University: Is it for me?