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2018 … what a year it’s going to be?

So 2018 has started! 2017 for me was a rollercoaster of a ride. Lots of great things happened such as our family trip to America in Summer was amazing, starting second year and living in a house with people I chose to live with, achieving a good grade in my first year! However, there have… Continue reading 2018 … what a year it’s going to be?

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Second Year So Far

It's been about a month since I started University and in all honesty I have found it a harder than first year. Although last year I struggled with home-sickness, this year there just seems to be a lot going on all at once. I have three group projects going on in which one of them… Continue reading Second Year So Far

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Getting to know me: Jenny

So on Saturday you heard all about Hana as she answered some generic questions about herself. Today I am going to answer some questions in hope that you get to know me a bit better. Hana and I have been blogging for a while and thought we would make these posts so that you may… Continue reading Getting to know me: Jenny

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Jenny’s Faith Story

So today will be a different kind of post as I, Jenny, am going to share with you my story of how I came to believe in God. I know this may not be a post for you all but if you have any questions about anything I write about in the post feel free… Continue reading Jenny’s Faith Story

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How to survive Self-Catering Halls

For my first year I was in self-catering halls which was a bit of a challenge at times. Not only because my flat mates would hold quite a few house parties so use of the kitchen was limited, also in the fact that I did not really know what I was doing the first few… Continue reading How to survive Self-Catering Halls

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Remembering Freshers week 2016

So Freshers week 2017 is coming up and I can't help but remember my own Freshers week last year. I've got to admit, I was so nervous, but I really shouldn't have been. Freshers week was one of the best university experiences for me. Its when I met most of my friends and got into… Continue reading Remembering Freshers week 2016

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Moving In Day Tips.

Moving in day is just around the corner, and I remember when I was moving in to University, I was terrified. I was really nervous about the whole process and there was next to nothing about the actual process online. Hopefully this post will do the one thing we really needed, but never got. There… Continue reading Moving In Day Tips.

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Five Film Reviews

I love films! Recently I have been on a few trips to the cinema to see some awesome films that must be shared with you all as they really are worth the time and effort to go and watch. I have also been loving Netflix and Now TV (thanks to the free trial) making my… Continue reading Five Film Reviews

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Getting the most out of Freshers.

Congratulations for getting into university! The results have recently come out and everyone did so well! We hope you've gotten into the university that you wanted, but now you must be getting excited. And maybe a little nervous? Theres nothing to be nervous about. University is the best experience, and yes, the first few weeks… Continue reading Getting the most out of Freshers.

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8 things you don’t need to take to University.

When it comes down to packing for university, there are so many lists out there claiming what you must take to university and what you really need. In our experience, we found that there were quiet a few things that people suggested, that we just didn't need. Here is our list of eight things that everyone says you… Continue reading 8 things you don’t need to take to University.