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Christmas Traditions.

I LOVE Christmas! I mean, who doesn't? Food, family, presents and chilling by the fire in front of a good old cosy film. Its just the most perfect thing. Everyone celebrates the winter holidays one way or another. Some people celebrate Christmas, some Hanukkah and some, like one of my university friends, just go traveling… Continue reading Christmas Traditions.

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My Winter Essentials.

I love this time of year. Yes its cold and yes, its probably raining outside right now, but its also the season of skirts, scarf, boots and Christmas! Around this time of year, I like to change up my essentials and bring out my favourite winter products. Today I thought I would share them with… Continue reading My Winter Essentials.

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Why I love Christmas?

Yes! I am one of those people who actually is obsessed with Christmas! I just love it ... I can't get enough of it! I get more excited about Christmas than my birthday haha! So I thought I would write a blog post on why I love Christmas and if you have any thoughts or… Continue reading Why I love Christmas?

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Last Goals of 2017.

As the end of 2017 creeps nearer and Christmas peaks at us from around the corner, I've started to reflect on my goals for this year. Some I've already achieved, like traveling without my parents and get healthier and more active. Others are still on my list and are about constant improvement and work. But… Continue reading Last Goals of 2017.

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Apple iPad Pro Review

For the last couple of months I've had my eye on Apples new iPad Pro. To be honest, Jenny mentioned it too me back in June when we went shopping, noting how brilliant it would be for university lectures. I've had it on my mind since, so when I saw on UniDays that Apple were… Continue reading Apple iPad Pro Review

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Big Changes.

This summer, both Jenny and myself, have experienced some exponential changes. Since getting back from my first year at University, my home life has morphed into something very different to what it was before, and the changes I saw erupting around me scared me a little. So I have decided to share them on here,… Continue reading Big Changes.

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Best places for University Shopping.

For many, one of the most exciting parts of moving in to university, is the shopping. But it can be difficult to get nice new things, but to keep within a student price range. Here are a few places you can go to get some great quality items, for a low price. Ikea It may… Continue reading Best places for University Shopping.

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University Packing List

For many students out there University packing can be a stressful task. When I came round to packing I basically just packed everything and anything I could find in my room. However, after trying to fit everything in the car, I realised that I had packed way too much. So we thought we would share… Continue reading University Packing List

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Summer, Sun and Lady Bugs.

This past week, summer has finally struck, welcoming beautiful summer suns and warmer, longer days. On days like this, I find it almost impossible to lie-in late and lounge around the house, and I have found that my productivity has increased tenfold. These past few days alone I have, completed seven loads of washing, cleaned… Continue reading Summer, Sun and Lady Bugs.

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Confirmation letter received: Now what?

So you have received your confirmation letter for the university you will be attending in September... Congratulations! But, now what? This is the exact thought as soon as I had received conformation from Liverpool University. I did not really have any idea what to do next. I had been so focused on my grades and… Continue reading Confirmation letter received: Now what?