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My Christmas Playlist.

Christmas is officially coming! Which means that no one can complain when I put Christmas music on in the kitchen at full volume. To be perfectly honest, I've been playing Christmas tunes since the beginning of November, but now that its December, I figured it was time I would share my perfect Christmas playlist. There… Continue reading My Christmas Playlist.

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Last Goals of 2017.

As the end of 2017 creeps nearer and Christmas peaks at us from around the corner, I've started to reflect on my goals for this year. Some I've already achieved, like traveling without my parents and get healthier and more active. Others are still on my list and are about constant improvement and work. But… Continue reading Last Goals of 2017.

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My top 8 films.

I love films! Honestly, one of my favourite things to do in the evening is to curl up in front of a good film with a hot chocolate or cup of tea in my onesie, which coincidently I am doing now. So, as I sit here in my onesie, watching Frozen, I thought what would… Continue reading My top 8 films.

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8 places I want to go.

Traveling for me is all about the food, the culture and the change of pace. I love going away to places I’ve never been before and exploring a whole new side of life. In my life I have been extremely lucky to have been able to travel to many different places in my time, which… Continue reading 8 places I want to go.

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My 5 most used items at University.

We've already done a list of everything you need and everything you don't need at University, which I have linked for you, but this is my list of my most used items. These are the items which I basically used on an everyday bases or I feel were the most worth their weight in gold.… Continue reading My 5 most used items at University.

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8 things you don’t need to take to University.

When it comes down to packing for university, there are so many lists out there claiming what you must take to university and what you really need. In our experience, we found that there were quiet a few things that people suggested, that we just didn't need. Here is our list of eight things that everyone says you… Continue reading 8 things you don’t need to take to University.

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Best places for University Shopping.

For many, one of the most exciting parts of moving in to university, is the shopping. But it can be difficult to get nice new things, but to keep within a student price range. Here are a few places you can go to get some great quality items, for a low price. Ikea It may… Continue reading Best places for University Shopping.